Support Our Jail Support! (December 3, 2014 Email Blast)

Help Stories from South Central keep our jail support hotline operating!Dear Friend,

Thanks again for signing our petition in support of the prisoners in South Central Regional Jail!

In spite of the West Virginia jail authorities’ best efforts to intimidate and silence any resistance, over 70 inmates have read and signed the petition, bravely defying a culture of repression and violence, to speak out and assert their humanity. We’re working toward delivering the petition soon, and we’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

We want to take a moment to tell you about the rest of our work, and to ask for your support to help us keep moving forward with prisoner support and advocacy, and with building a movement toward prison abolition! Read on…

Excerpt from Ray Legg letter

The petition you signed is just one small part of our work with those incarcerated in South Central and other jails and prisons across West Virginia. We’re operating a full scale prisoner support and advocacy project, which includes operating and funding a 7-days-a-week jail support hotline that any WV prisoner can call to report on conditions, request help with lawyers or bureaucrats, connect with families and friends, and/or just chat with us. This is our main expense at this time — and though we expect to have long-term funding coming in, we need your help to keep operating this month! During a busy week (like this past holiday week) it’s easy to rack up more than $400/week in fees paid to the prison phone contractor.

We also keep up regular written correspondence with prisoners, visit inmates at several different jails multiple times per week, provide court support, advocate on behalf of prisoners, maintain our website and a media presence, and work to build solidarity between the climate justice and prison justice movements. Between in-person visits, letters, and phone conversations, we have been in contact with well over 100 prisoners.

We are depending on your generosity to keep this project going! We have made incredible progress over the last eight months, and we need your help to keep the pressure on the state and continue to amplify the voices of those trapped in West Virginia’s cages.

Please support this work with a donation!

No donation is too small — everything helps! If you are financially able to, please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation. Your support will help keep our hotline funded, maintaining a crucial point of connection to the outside world for prisoners enduring subhuman conditions on a daily basis.

For more justice and fewer cages,

Kim, D, Jonathan, Chris, and the rest of the Stories from South Central team

Excerpt from Larry Williams letter

P.S. Here are some more things you can do to support this work …

  • Join our pen pal program! Many prisoners have asked us to help them find someone on the outside to correspond with. Send us an email for more information — just hit “reply” and tell us you’re interested, and we’ll set you up.
  • Ask your friends and networks to support us — you can just forward them this email!
  • If you can provide legal support, or if you want to talk about supporting prisoners and/or this project in other ways, get in touch — reply to this email and tell us more.
  • If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!