This project is entirely run by volunteers. None of us are paid for this work. We’ve already spent a considerable amount of both personal and RAMPS money on this project — including commissary and books for inmates, collect calls from the jail, gas money to drive to and from the jail, stamps for letters and petitions, and envelopes and other office supplies. So far we have visited more than 50 inmates, and we plan to increase our expenses as we meet more prisoners and continue long-term jail support for many of the people in South Central.

We are depending on your donations to continue the work of sharing inmates’ stories and organizing to support them and their families. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to sustain this project.

You can donate online with a credit/debit card, or by mailing us a check — please make checks out to RAMPS and put “Stories from South Central” in the memo line. Checks should be sent to:

c/o Michael Bowersox
P.O. Box 51
Rock Creek, WV 25174

If you prefer to donate online, use the form below (or click here if the donation form does not appear below). Please write “Stories from South Central” in the ‘message or note’ section so we can be sure your donation goes to this project.