Read our new report on SCRJ’s response to the water crisis

We’ve just published our findings on South Central Regional Jail’s mishandling of the January 2014 chemical spill, Negligence and Malice: A Preliminary Report on the Water Crisis at South Central Regional Jail. This report brings together several months’ worth of inmates’ stories and letters, including those shared on this site, to present a detailed list of their grievances and experiences of mistreatment by the jail staff and administration. It also places these stories within an ongoing pattern of human rights abuses and gross disregard for inmates’ health and safety:

[T]he jail’s punishment of inmates who attempted to speak out or seek medical attention and the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority’s public denial of wrongdoing suggest that there has been a coordinated cover­-up of systematic chemical poisoning of inmates ongoing since January.

Please click here to read the whole report. (Members of the media should download our press packet, which includes a press release about this report.)

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