Letter From William D. Young (6/5/2013)

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This is a letter William sent to his mom on June 5, 2013.

She mailed it to us at his request.

There are a few personal details that we edited out for his privacy.

william young letter

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Dear Kim,                                                                                                             5/16/14

This is a copy of the letter William Douglas Young […] South Central Regional Jail 1001 Centre Way Charleston WV 25309 wanted me to share with you.  I hope this helps.


Gwendolyn Mitchell

Dear Mom,                                                                                                                                    June 5, 2013

Mama everything you said about me in your April 19th letter really made me very sad and ashamed because although you were writing out of anger most of what you said was true … however I don’t really hate you I love you very much your my Momma, I don’t like myself very much or should I say I didn’t, I’m trying very hard to find out who I am and what my purpose is, God just spoke up and said I and everyone else in the world are for his purpose. I didn’t want to tell you guys more bad news but here it is I was severely beaten by 9 guards early Sunday morning, June 2. My eye is split open my body is badly bruised and abraised, it all started when I went to emergency sick call I woke up out of my sleep in extreme pain and which today I am still suffering from, its (Tue June 4), I originally thought I was having another heart attack turns out I’m badly constipated which I still am the medicine they (finally) gave me is not working so I’m suffering a great deal while I’m writing you, anyway originally the nurse said my vitals were good which of course didn’t mean a thing to me because I was in pain, to make a long story short he gave me an aspirin and sent me to the interview room to wait 30 minutes, anyway out of pain and frustration I kicked a plastic chair, it went into the window and broke the glass and that’s when the malicious beating began they did not give any orders to turn around place your hands behind your back, NO! 9 rednecks began punching & kicking my black behind they grabbed my testicles and squeezed them while they were shackling me then after I was shackled 1 white man rams my head into the corner of the medical window splitting my eye open the nurse slapped a band aid on! it! When I clearly need stitches it’s still bleeding profusely 2 days later they are not in any hurry to treat my injuries, anyway they threw me in the hole which is where I currently am, I’m going to file criminal charges against the 9 that beat me up the other inmates are furious about it I went seeking medical attention and leave beat up needing even more medical attention! After I file charges criminally I plan to sue […] my attorney hasn’t seen my injuries yet I wonder what he will say? Also they’ve denied my request to restart my psych meds and they have never had the psych doc come see me. I am definitely in the belly of the beast […] Anyway I really miss the old days before the drugs your right I was a selfish addict, but I never really meant to hurt anyone I just wasn’t ready to give up the high. I’m going to SAY I’m sorry now but later I hope to Show I’m sorry, OMG I can’t even lay down I have to sleep sitting up it hurts too bad to lay down.

I would call my lawyer but they won’t let me use the phone his name is […] and here is his # […]  in case you want an update on my situation you have to call mid morning 10 AM to 11:30 AM if you want to speak to him. Anyway I’m not well right now so pray pray for my recovery, tell everyone I said hi, hello, whatever.

Out of paper                            Love your son

Mr. Douglas

Ms Lamia,

Hey baby girl! Your letter made me cry it was the sweetest, nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, when they free me I will never be too far away from you again. Just remember I do love you very much I just had some demons to battle, I lost this time. So pray real hard for me so I can be strong like you, you are very special kiddo your gonna do great things I know it in my heart, you go be the good person your daddy should have been, at least I did one thing right I made you! Kisses & Hugs Love DADDY

P.S. I love the pictures I’m super tired gotta try to rest. Thank you very much for your kind words your beautiful inside & out.

P.S. Mom Let the feds or somebody know of my ill treatment I need help! I’ll be surprised if you even receive this letter.