Letter From Tyler B. Roy (3/20/14)

March 20, 2014


scanned image from part of this letterMy name is Tyler B. Roy. I met with you or possibly your associates. Please give this to the young ladies I met with. They wanted my story, so here it is.

When the whole water crisis happened, they weren’t giving us but two 8 oz. bottles of water a day. The State will say otherwise, but I assure you it’s all a lie. The first two days they shut off the water to everything, including toilets. They would only turn the water on once a day to flush the toilets. Over seventy-two hours had passed and then they brought gallon jugs of so-called “clean” water around for people to wash off with. They made you do so in your cell and sink. I believe the MCHM was still in the sinks. So it was NOT safe NOR sanitary.

The next day, myself and several other inmates started asking employees for water to drink. We also needed it for brushing our teeth, and normal everyday hygiene. They then refused to give us any water. We asked for their supervisor thinking he could help our situation. But the same thing occurred. NO WATER. We then sat down on the floor, and asked for water. The EXACT WORDS were “We don’t want any trouble, we just need water.” They summoned at least 20 to 30 officers to make us lock in our cells. After a few moments we did so. The next day a shift supervisor and couple officers came and moved 6 of us out. They put us in the “Hole,” and claimed we had started a riot.

While being locked down for 15 days it was the same nonsense. Only 3 bottles of water a day. They then “flushed” the system and had the water on. The water still had the strong specific smell. Although it smelled contaminated, we all still wanted to shower.

It took them another 24 to 48 hours to let us out of the cells to shower. When I did finally get a shower, it caused my skin to become dry and itchy. I had to…tell the guards I was having chest pains to get medical attention. The same thing occurred while being in lockdown, nothing changed. We weren’t treated like humans. I feel like my constitutional rights were

If you have any questions you can write me back…. Something needs to be DONE about this corrupt state and its government. I have a lot of respect for what is being done here. I’m with you all 110%. All the way.


Tyler B. Roy

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