Letter From Steven Kinney (8/25/14)

Letter transcript is at the end of the letter.


Steven 2Steven3

Well for starts I was born in Charleston, West Virginia but was raised in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up very poor. I remember we had to sleep on the floor, along with rats and roaches. So poor that we only could afford bread and chop ham. We couldn’t get what everyone else had, we had to wait on a government food truck to come around. They would give us a box of can foods like green beans pork and beans corn, dry milk that you would have to use water to make milk, bread that was outdated, sugar, honey, poted meat and dry potatoes. And a box of government cheese in a box. That was the best cheese in the whole world. But now they call it Velveta. I got hit by a drunk driver at the age of 9 years old going 70 mph. I was dragged up 5 blocks and was put in a coma for 6 months and in a body case for a year. I had to learn how to walk again and how to learn again. When I got out of the hospital we moved to W.V. where life got a little better. Better as in we (me and my sister Jamila) didn’t have to see no more heroin needles and people with the full blown AIDs around us. My mom used to sell heroin and she sold herself too. She got into some trouble and had to move to Charleston W.V. but in West Virginia we had to go through a lot. Getting called nigga, nigger, porch monkey, almost getting hit by white people in cars with that flag they have on their truck doing K.K.K. march in town. The last one I saw was in 1990. But all that stopped when crack came to Charleston W.V. in 1991.
I got introduced to the game when I was 16 years old. I was tired of being broke. I wanted what everyone else had. Back then a book wasn’t gonna feed your family. So I played with school. I remember this one crack head named Red, he’s dead now. He robbed the 1 valley bank beside Washington manner, it’s called B.B.&T. now. There was so much money in that hallway it was crazy. I’ve never seen that much money in my life. It was so much money you can lose your feet in it. And from that I was on just like everybody else in the hood at that time. What made me do the thing that I did back in the day was my brother seein him make money and mess it up. Crazy! I told myself “I’m gonna do better than he ever was at doing it.” And I did too, I had more and made more money. From cars to gold chains to cloths. When you’re young you just don’t give a fuck I was not always like the way I am. I used to get good grades and stayed away from the streets. I guess when my gramma died is when I got out there smokin weed, sellling dope. First time going to jail was in 2000-2003 for selling to a C.I. I did 3 years. I didn’t notice anything in my first bid but this one, wow. I was supposed to be on house arrest for 4 years (for felon with a firearm) When something was going on with the water. The mother of my now 4 month old Ivy Stefeona Kinney. She was 7 months pregnant at the time and could not get water so I got it for her. I got 2 gallons of water. Earlier that day I drunk a gallon of water. My stomach and head started to hurt and I was light headed. When I got back he arrested me and sent me to South Central Jail.
When I got to the jail on January 10th I don’t think they knew what was going on. They watched the news, that’s when everybody started freakin out. Our clothes were dirty but we couldn’t wash them from the 20th of January to almost March. We had to wash up with a gallon of water that was chemical water. They gave us 8 oz. of water a day for 5 days….. We couldn’t go to medical cause if we did we were going to be locked in the hole. My kidneys hasn’t been right ever since. I wake up all hours of the night having to use the bathroom. And they gave me something for a STD when I didn’t have a STD. It still smells when I use the restroom. I had a funny feeling in my throat for 5 months. I pray to god that there’s nothing wrong with my kidneys because I have 3 kids and will be dying with nothing to leave them.
Crazy thing about this is when you’re Feds they care more about you, the State is like “Fuck you.” There should be something, somebody can do. W.V. is crazy you can rape a kid and get 5 to 10 years. You can touch a little kid and get 1-5. But if you sell crack cocaine you will get 1-15 years. Get 3 felonys in the same charge and it’s life with the State or Feds. A baby raper gets a 5-25 years but still will be out in 5-7 years. Crazy! They just gave this one dude 18-life cause he had 1 crack charge, 1 gun charge, and got out. Got into a fight and beat up a dude and caught another felony and they gave him life. It used to be the same charge, now it’s any felony now that’s Crazy. Hey Jonathan if you can, can you send me from a store a college dictionary and have them mail it to me? I need one bad. I’ve been learning a lot in here by picking up words out the dictionaries for the jails. Please I need it to come from a store like something online or there’s a book store in the mall. But it would have to be mailed by that book store to here.

P.S. They got this thing in the school now called West Virginia studys. They teachin the kids what we went through when I was little. Well my mom was little then me. If they quit teaching it they will forget. Then we won’t have kids passin it on. I think on both sides white and black need to let it go. I don’t even get mad anymore about it. My grandfather was a slave. well I hope this is what you want. I got more I just don’t have enough paper.

Steven Kinney

P.S. I didn’t know they read everything coming in, they read that 3-page letter Kim Ellis sent. “Crazy!!”