Letter From Rusty A. Eads (3/27/14)

Rusty Eads 3/27
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Hello Kim

This is Rusty!! I’d like to say how nice it is knowing that there are people out there who care.. It’s a good thing you guys are doing, some people don’t really know how serious this stuff really is, for that matter I’m not sure anyone does..

Oh yeah, I’d like to say it’s really nice to meet you and DJ. Getting to talk to someone different every now and then helps keep a person focused in here, plus knowing that they care how we get treated while here, that really lifts the spirit.. So again, thanks for taking the time to come up.. Feel free to come back anytime I’ll sure be here.. :)

Guess I could tell you a little about this place. Well, there are 16 cells in the (POD) that I live in. They are all double bunked except 4 of them, but they have 8 guys sleeping in the floor.. Not much room to move! There is a top tier and the main floor, 8 cells up and 8 down.. We have 2 phones, 1 water fountain, TV with 4 channels and 4 tables that seat 16, everyone else has to eat in the floor or on the steps.. Dirty! Also, one shower up on the top tier and one down on the floor level, they look worse than the landfill.. Seriously, black mold all over the walls, ceiling, on the floor.. They are supposed to spray them down with bleach every night but don’t, guess they forget.. The water fountain in the day room, which is on the main floor has a filter in it, which hasn’t been changed in months.. There is a guy that’s been here 6 months he said it hasn’t been changed that he knows of, so that thing is probably full of M.C.H.M.. I try and tell people not to drink out of it, most have no choice because there sinks in the cell don’t work and others just say something’s gotta kill me so why not M.C.H.M.. Like I said earlier, some people don’t really know what this stuff’s about.. People have died, gotten badly sick, and people are gonna continue getting sick and probably die.. It’s sad to say… Like I was telling you in our visit, I have bumps on my head not like any other I’ve had. These ones are big and real sore. I’m getting them also on my chest, belly and I’m not usually one to break out like this..

To get medical attention you put in a medical slip, that usually takes 2 days to get you up there, then all they want to give is Hydrocortizon cream, then in 2 to 3 days they say it should start clearing up. About 3 days after I got here my head started getting lots of pressure in it, nose stopped up, ears started popping so I put in a med slip, 2 days later I went to medical, and then get this. They wouldn’t see me cause they had done seen 10 people, so they sent me back then called me back the next day.. Said I had a sinus infection. Haha, I think I may have gotten a little carried away with the pen.

That’s some about our lives here at S.C.R.J., honestly every day is about the same here.. If someone came up here and tested this water, the water back here that we drink and shower in every day, bet they would find traces of MCHM.. I work out every day and with water the only thing to drink I probably take in a gallon or 2 a day.. Gotta drink something I guess!

Well, it’s been to vent to ya Kim, thanks for listening hope to hear from you guys again.. Till next time, thank you guys and take care..

Rusty A. Eads

P.S. Next time you see Steven tell him thanks for the envelope and letter, my funds are low right now.. He said he’ll get me Monday.. :)

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