Letter from Ray Legg (3/24/14)

Tues. 3/24/14

Hey Jonathan,

I’m glad you wrote. Thanks again, so very much, for everything you guys are doing. It really means a lot. We need a voice to stand up and speak for us and let the public know what’s going on, because as long as we are incarcerated our voice is suppressed. You have my full cooperation and I’m willing to do anything and everything I can to help!

It sounds like you’ve had a little excitement in your life recently. I wish I was out there to experience that with you guys. Hopefully one day soon.  And that’s awesome that you play the fiddle. I LOVE MUSIC!!! Singing is my passion! I also write. I’d love to learn to play an instrument. […]

I’ve been talking to several of the guys in here about our visit and how you’re trying to help us. Right before I reach the selling point I hit a brick wall. This place is full of skeptics and they always want to know who you are, what you do, why you want to help us? I got caught up in the excitement of what you guys are doing and I can’t remember the answer to any of these questions! Write me back and help me explain.

As for the newspaper article the most bottles of water I’ve heard of was 3 a day, 1 8 oz. bottle with each meal. And one (1) gallon jug every other day to bathe. Also, this jail’s water system is an in-house recycled water system, meaning all of the water whether from sinks, toilets, showers, drinking fountains, etc. is recycled over and over here to cut down water cost. If the proper steps weren’t taken, filters changed, system flushes, etc. are we still using contaminated water? Potentially more contaminated than the public’s? And have there been any reports of joint problems? I’m still being prescribed “allergy meds” for headaches, sneezing, chest cold like symptoms, respiratory problems brought on by “allergies”! What a joke!

I’m having problems remembering everything we talked about, but I want to be as useful as possible to you guys and the cause. Please feel free to ask me any questions why you write back. Nothing will offend me and asking me specifics is the best way to get what you may need out of me (I tend to run off on tangents but sometimes there’s useful information involved :) ). And feel free to write me about whatever. It’s nice to get mail in here, and I’ve cut ties with most of my “friends” on the outside for multiple reasons. […]

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again as well. I know you must be super busy, but feel free to drop by anytime. Thanks again, so much! Tell Margaret I said hi :) and I wish you the best in everything you’re doing (can’t wait to be out there with!)