Letter From Larry J. Williams (5/28/14)

Larry J. Williams 5/28/14

My name is Larry J. Williams and I am incarcerated at the South Central Regional Jail. I am a friend of Joey Jeffries and he told me I should speak to you about the Water Crisis and other attrocities that are going on at this institution which are in direct violation of the 95CSR1 which is the Legislative Rules for Jails and Correctional facilities in the state of W.V.
I entered this facility on 1-22-14. I interviewed numerous inmates who told me their story! Unfortunately I sent all that information to the Charleston Newspapers after an article was published celebrating the preparedness of this facility. It was filled with lies and inuendos. The reporters name was Michael Constantino. I never heard back from him.
If you are interested in talking with me, send me a phone number or come and visit me. I look forward to answering any and all questions.
Larry J. Williams