Letter from Kerry Harvey (7/6/2014)

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July 6, 14

Kimmy :)

Thank you for the article. Babygirl of course SCRJ’s going to keep what they did “hush” just like Big Brother taught ’em to. The old saying “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer” is so very true. The water scandal paid the politicians we yes “WE” voted into office to help make this go away as quickly as possible. If I weren’t STILL itching, pulling my skin from my body to where I bleed and it leaves me scarred I would’ve forgotten about the water crisis as well by now. We as a society of people are on autopilot. No one wants to stand for anything and when something bad happens, they notices it but choose to “HUSH.” If no one else says a word then neither will I type shit. Like clean water and air is a fad. I recently read “Dark Princess” by W.E.B. DuBois and it’s made my eyes open even more to the water crisis and how politics played into the situation. Freedom ran filing bankruptcy. Now I’ve driven down Barlow Rd over 20 years and have never seen their employees outta work there. Didn’t look like they were having financial problems in the least. Employees all having nice big Ford and Chevy trucks. No way you can tell me those employees walked that place everyday and not notice the leak lol how dumb are we as citizens? The mayor should’ve been even kicked out of office in my opinion for even allowing such shit to happen to us w/o putting up a fuss, instead he took their side. No offense people but if it walks like a damn duck and quack like a damn duck “IT A WHAT!!! F…ing Duck.” HE GOT PAID OFF IN SOME FORM.

The C.E.O. of WVAW on the news drinking the water OMGosh so what he took a sip. People WVAW customers were forced to drink those chemicals weeks at a time, side effects unmeasurable and they offer you a $20 credit on your bill for the inconvenience. WTF!!! I gotta stop…

Sorry… just thinking about that shit fucks with my blood pressure. People on fixed income buying water, in housing who don’t have a water bill what did those people get in payment for their inconvenience but a medical bill. Children could this effect them when it’s time for them to have kids??? Just too much to write. Yeah our government got paid to make this go away when our elected officials should’ve made the companies go away. They use our city and towns as their personal banking accounts. All in all I’ve gotta say “WE ARE THE STUPID ONES” because we continue to let it happen, “WE” forget the wrongs as time past. Time is big government and big business’s best ally. Damn it I know I’m still sitting here itching even as I write you this letter.

Hell there’s even a water crisis here. In the shoe AKA “THE HOLE”. The land the prison was built on has been treated for many years with chemicals for farming and cows. The prison has well water like most around here. 2010 a company did test on the locals paying them $400 I believe to each person to provide a blood sample and sign a waiver that if any future health problems arose in the future they weren’t liable. Many went to the mobile lab and got their checks and signed. What the chemical they were looking for was never revealed to the locals. The guards at the prison got the same as the locals but the inmates ‘NOTHING’ not one cent, not even a blood sample taken from nary a one. So back to present day in the “SHU” the women there still drink the same water I wish you could see it. I’ve been in the SHU and the drinking water there from the tap can’t possibly be up to par. I’m thankful I was only there 45 days so I made do with what lil drink I got with my trays/meals. When you’re in the SHU you can’t even order bottle water off commissary forcing you to drink the water from the tap. I’ve never understood why we cannot order water to drink they consider it a privilege to have clean water to drink.

Oh snap let me “hush” lol they do read all mail going in and out of here. They may say I’m starting trouble. All in all I gotta say living here’s better than the regional…

The letter I wrote you do what you want with it young queen. I say nothing once that I’m not willing to say twice, three times with it never changing.

Babygirl the cause you all fight is very noble and for the better good of the future of our planet and existence but that $ rules every time unfortunately. Crazy how DuPont, Freedom, Clarion, etc fucks up our natural resources and only end up with fines of $100 lol WTH!!!

Come visit when you can please, plenty we can discuss. Visits here lasts all day. 8:30a-10:45a then again 12p-3p something like that contact visit so no glass lol. You simply have to be on the visitation list no scheduled appointment needed just show up during visitation hours.

Well it’s July 4th not like I can mail out anything so I’ll spend the weekend writing you til it’s time to drop this in the mail.

I let the women here read what your lil brother posted online they wanted to write it down. They thought it was pretty neat so did I. Most of the women in here is under 30. Most of the women in here is under 30. They can have at it. They even speak of when they come back!!! I be looking at them like WTH!!! Living here is easier but my gosh the pettiest of shit are rules. The latest warden be on some … but it’s whatever. If they (inmates) can’t make a stand for themselves then oh well I’m not going to the SHU for em. I’m going to be fighting a big enough battle in court during trial. One of the many other things we can discuss when you visit.

I’m reading “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up” by Iyanla Vanzant. 40 days and 40 nights toward spiritual strength and personal growth book. I’d started reading her stuff at the regional a daily devotional book loved it. I’m on a journey and loving it. Yes even here from prison. It’s only fortifying me making me stronger for the battle ahead.

Aight chick so I’m going to wrap this up now. Try to visit soon I’d love to see and talk with you. I see the parole board in Aug. and trial isn’t til Sept. so if I make parole I’ll be back at the regional. Maybe. Something we can discuss when ya visit. I guess plenty other variations could play out there also.

Real talk though I’d really like to see you. Keep it moving.

Do The Damn Thang


Hit back ASAP

I added your number to my call list now so any day now I’ll be able to call ya.