Letter From Jason Clendenin (3/14/14)

Jason Clendenin 3/14
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March 14, 2014

Dear Kim,

They shut the water off with no explanation for the first three days and then they turned it back on and told us not to drink or bathe in it. While this was going on the jail only gave people two 8 oz. jugs of water per day for the first week and then four 8 oz. jugs and three 6 oz. cups of water after that for two days. 

After this, the next day they said everything was back to normal and we could use the water to bathe and drink.

But during this time the jail only gave us one gallon of water to take a bath with every three days.

After water was turned on, I had to go to the medical unit because I felt pain in my liver. The medical unit took a blood test, but I never got the results back.

A couple of days later I was standing in the chow line, and got dizzy and got lost eye sight. A guy behind me caught me when I fell. I went to the medical again and they said my [blood] sugar was ok, but my heart rate bottomed out. They told me to be careful about going up steps.

The jail moved all of the federal inmates out of this jail until the water was restored, and then brought them back.

Well Kim, this is about it. I thank you for your help with this, wish we had more people out there like you.

Please write back sometime, it is nice to have someone to talk to.

Thank you, for everything.

Jason Clendenin

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