Letter from Jamaa Johnson (5/14/14)

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Hey, I received your letter yesterday evening and meant to write but fell asleep fairly early. Thank you for the letters I appreciate every single one.  I’m not for sure if I wrote you back after the birthday wishes and the book you sent (which I received).  I was very thankful for both the birthday wishes and the book.

On another note I’m furious that the jail denied my visit.  I was not informed that you attempted to make a visit.  My father told me you were coming and I waited all Sunday for the visit.  I thought maybe you had something come up!  I will fill a complaint out but I’m sure it will find its way to a trash can.  I had really looked forward to that visit.

They rescheduled my trial for August 12th, I ask for all prayers, the government has tried to pull so many tricks and curve balls that equality and justice deserve different definitions.  It’s such a sad, sad world when the “powers that be” rely on the poverty of others to build a foundation for their success.  I have learned much about the government from this experience. I’m sure you are learning a lot just by becoming involved with jail house politics.  Mind you this jail is no different than any other jail in some aspects.  One being that the jail is just another resource used to finance and facilitate legal kidnapping and robbery.  The federal government spends $3.9 trillion dollars a year on financing these federal court systems in its entire form.  Judges, prosecutors, investigations, FBI, US Marshall’s Service, travel, etc.  $3.9 trillion dollars is quite an investment :-)! The $3.9 trillion dollar question is? ….. Who’s paying the bill ….. or who’s not? Whoever is getting all of this money and spending it has done their homework considering it’s been going on for around 258 years. I am learning a hard lesson. I can probably summarize in one statement. The devil himself shows his true form in what we consider the government. It steals, it kills (literally) and it destroys.

Well I’m sorry I got off on that kick.  I would love to share thoughts and concepts with you and maybe one day we will get to. It probably seems like it when I write but I am not militant or loud. It’s definitely not a black thing or a white thing.  It is a true show of good vs. evil.  Whether it’s strip mines killing habitat or Trayvon Martin dead on the street. It’s good vs. evil.  So with that said I grow to believe in Jesus Christ more daily.  If I believe that Satan exists.  I must believe that Christ exists as well.

Kim, I enjoy your letters and writing back.  I hope your trip goes well.  I have taken the trip to Arizona through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and finally AZ.  You are way better than me.  That’s a horrible drive.  Very beautiful but way too long to drive.  Thanks again for your letters.  I pray you have a safe trip.


                                                                                                                                                            Jamaa Johnson