Letter From Eric D. Ayers

To whom it may concern:

My name is Eric D. Ayers and I have been incarcerated at South Central Regional Jail since February 8, 2014. Since then, we (the inmates) have been forced to drink MCHM contaminated water, survive staff’s excessive force & constant neglect, and deal with constant hunger due to insufficient food services. This facility is petty when it comes to their actions and there is only a select few c/o’s that has any integrity, that don’t come to work and take their family issues out on us. I/we urge you to investigate just how unsafe and unfair our living conditions really are. 

I am a DOC inmate and I was only provided: one sheet, one blanket, one pr. underwear, 2 pr. 1X pants, 1 shirt. I had to trade someone cakes off of my lunch trays to order me a pair of socks off of commissary since I am indigent. I have asked pod rover numerous times to get remainder of items handbook states I shall receive upon entry into population. The only response I get is “Catch someone leaving and take what you didn’t get.” I was threatened by a staff member so I wrote DOC Movement Coordinator to have me moved to another facility and the only thing that got me was punished by not being allowed to be a trusty. I have an extremely hard time here due to this facility not allowing me to consume my adhd medication I have taking for years. My mind constantly races, I am a nervous wreck, and I am terrified of becoming a repeat offender because I can’t get the help I need.

Please, please help us! This facility’s staff makes up their own rules (except for a select few like Cpl. Webb), each one neglecting us a little more than the last. Since they keep saying they can’t do there job due to understaffing, they need to start shipping all the sentenced inmates to less crowded, more productive regionals to await DOC. transport instead of trying to make an extra buck ($) off of us. We are human beings and we really deserve to be treated like it. I/we truly appreciate your time & effort in these matters.

Kind Regards,

Eric D. Ayers

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