Letter From Anonymous (4/2/14)

April 2, 2014

Please let me know if we can send you anonymous comments to be given to the newspaper. You can let them know that most of us are drinking as little water as possible and quite a few of us are sick from it and would greatly appreciate it if the jail were to flush the lines again – change the filters and provide us with bottled water. Why are the people in Charleston given free bottled water and we are not – I just thought about that. Just because we are convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that we rate different health standards than the general public. Yes i speak for all of us in here when i say that and would love to have these comments in the newspaper. People need to know by all sources of media how we are being treated. A great number of people out there have mothers fathers uncles sisters brothers and cousins here and are probably or probably would be equally outraged if they knew we were still given toxic water to drink, shower, cook food, wash, and clean with.

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