Inmate Petition #2 by Eric D. Ayers (4/23/14)

This petition was written and distributed within the jail by Eric D. Ayers, and was mailed to Stories from South Central volunteers (along with an earlier inmate petition) to be sent along to state and federal government agencies. 

Download a PDF of this petition
Download a PDF of this petition

C/O’s are mistreating the inmates as follows:

A) Excessive force & malnutrition

  1. Beating up/assaulting inmates after handcuffed & subdued
  2. Facility serves tiny food portions

B) Neglecting needs of inmates.

  1. Not answering/responding to intercom box in cells.
  2. Not sufficiently providing inmate request/grievance forms.
  3. Takes approx 48 hours to be seen by medical due to sick call procedure.
  4. Not supplying inmates with promised supplies.
  5. Holding DOC inmates for months/years without self-improvement classes, causing repeat offenders.
  6. Doesn’t provide a licensed counseling staff to offer services that jail issued handbook states are offered.
  7. Doesn’t provide gloves for cleaning.

C) Unsanitary housing

  1. Showers have stagmented water bubbles in paint.
  2. Black mold in all cells & showers.
  3. Blankets never washed.
  4. Mats not cleaned between being given to different inmates.


This petition is to prove that South Central Regional Jail is cruel and unjustified in their day to day mistreating and neglection of inmates. We who sign this petition find it imperative that our complaints be investigated immediately. Complaints on 1B.

  1. Eric D. Ayers
  2. Steven L. Kinney
  3. Jason Barrett
  4. Vaughn Butler
  5. Jayson Shane Riffle
  6. John Goode
  7. Keton Clark
  8. Just Branham
  9. Ricky Tinsley
  10. Ricky Igo
  11. James Nash
  12. Brian Halsted
  13. Steve McCallister
  14. Daniel White
  15. Leonard Dillon
  16. [illegible]
  17. Jerry Carlisle
  18. Rodney Shaffer
  19. James Mullins
  20. William Douglas Young
  21. Carlton James Galloway
  22. Marion Felder
  23. Joe Croft
  24. Desmond White
  25. Cody Pumphrey