Inmate Petition #1 by Eric D. Ayers (2/13/14)

This petition was written and distributed within the jail by Eric D. Ayers, and was mailed to Stories from South Central volunteers (along with another, later inmate petition) to be sent along to state and federal government agencies.

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The unsanitary conditions are as follows (including mistreating of inmates):

A) Hazardous Water

  1. Water is unsafe to drink.
  2. Water is unsafe to shower.
  3. Inmates urinating blood

B) Contaminated Drinking Cups

  1. Cups are never collected to be sanitized.
  2. No safe sanitizer provided for cups.

C) Contaminated eating utensils

  1. you (each inmate) given one spoon (plastic) upon arrival and expected to use during whole duration
  2. no safe sanitizer provided for spoons.

D) Overcrowding + Short of supplies

  1. All inmates do not receive proper supplies.
  2. Some inmates only received one uniform.
  3. Inmates are sleeping on floors with head/body beside of toilets.

E) DOC Inmates mistreated

  1. no self improvement classes
  2. Prolonged time for transport – DOC leaves inmates in Regional until time for parole, assuring they become repeat offenders due to not having improvement classes.

To whom it may concern:

This petition is to reprimand South Central Regional Jail for its unsafe and health hazardous living conditions. We would appreciate the righteous to take this matter with utmost urgency and handle our situation! All who sign this are in agreement with page one A of this petition.

  1. Eric Ayers
  2. Douglas M. Williams
  3. Walter Olden Jr.
  4. Billy R Bledsoe
  5. Deneil Wentherspoon
  6. Curtis Hairston
  7. Rusty A Eads
  8. Rakeem Moore
  9. Christopher A. Sadler
  10. Paul Johnson
  11. Shawn C. Simon
  12. Lawson J. Moss
  13. Michael B. Moss
  14. Steven Michael Randolph
  15. Tyquan Liverman
  16. Raymond L. Legg Jr.
  17. Donnell D. Diego
  18. William Douglas Young
  19. Ricky Shane Tinsley
  20. Jason Barrett
  21. Vaughn Butler
  22. Steven Kinney
  23. Joe Croft