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Letters from Kerry Harvey (4/30 + 6/3/14)

April 30, 2014

To Kim + Matthew + All the gang :)

Let me start by apologizing for the late reply. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and Mary’s and I books you sent. Kim, great call on the Zora Hurston :) Read it in one day. Sucks we have to donate our books to the jail though :(

So what’ve you guys + gals been up to out there? Just to let you all know Mary Horton’s my cellie and the water here’s still effecting us. We’ve gone down to medical having to have paid for our visit + script only to still break out in itchy scratchy bumps. I’ve literally scratched my flesh apart over a large percent of my body + I’m a big girl mind you lol. Medical says (Nurse Lynn) that it’s not the first cases she’s seen in medical since the water crisis and that it’s mainly in the African American inmates that this is largely being reported. They prescribed us some steroid cream for it, 5 day supply or so and it really relieved nothing for we still itch and unfortunately nothing’s going to remedy this, not in here at least. By any chance do you know of anything else better to use for all this crazy itching? The state isn’t going to supply us with a care if especially the CDC’s saying the waters are safe now. My skin says otherwise still. Continue reading Letters from Kerry Harvey (4/30 + 6/3/14)

Letter from Ray Legg (3/24/14)

Tues. 3/24/14

Hey Jonathan,

I’m glad you wrote. Thanks again, so very much, for everything you guys are doing. It really means a lot. We need a voice to stand up and speak for us and let the public know what’s going on, because as long as we are incarcerated our voice is suppressed. You have my full cooperation and I’m willing to do anything and everything I can to help! Continue reading Letter from Ray Legg (3/24/14)

Inmate Petition #1 by Eric D. Ayers (2/13/14)

This petition was written and distributed within the jail by Eric D. Ayers, and was mailed to Stories from South Central volunteers (along with another, later inmate petition) to be sent along to state and federal government agencies.

Ayers petition 1 thumbnail
Download a PDF of the petition

The unsanitary conditions are as follows (including mistreating of inmates):

A) Hazardous Water

  1. Water is unsafe to drink.
  2. Water is unsafe to shower.
  3. Inmates urinating blood

B) Contaminated Drinking Cups

  1. Cups are never collected to be sanitized.
  2. No safe sanitizer provided for cups.

Continue reading Inmate Petition #1 by Eric D. Ayers (2/13/14)