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Letter From Tyler B. Roy (3/20/14)

March 20, 2014


scanned image from part of this letterMy name is Tyler B. Roy. I met with you or possibly your associates. Please give this to the young ladies I met with. They wanted my story, so here it is.

When the whole water crisis happened, they weren’t giving us but two 8 oz. bottles of water a day. The State will say otherwise, but I assure you it’s all a lie. The first two days they shut off the water to everything, including toilets. They would only turn the water on once a day to flush the toilets. Over seventy-two hours had passed and then they brought gallon jugs of so-called “clean” water around for people to wash off with. They made you do so in your cell and sink. I believe the MCHM was still in the sinks. So it was NOT safe NOR sanitary.

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