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Letter From Jamaa Johnson (4/20/14)



Hey, it’s late Sunday (Easter)! I figured I would get a fresh start on the week doing positive. There was a bad situation in the jail this week (Thursday evening & Friday): 

At 5 o’clock Thursday evening the phones were shut off, we were told it was a security issue. We then were locked down in our cells the rest of the day. We woke up the next morning still locked down, which happens and isn’t a issue. At 2 pm I estimate 15 people with SWAT hats and camouflage ran in the pod with multiple shotguns, canisters of tear gas and a gun that shot bean bags (which is very painful). They were screaming get on the floor, hands behind your head, if you move we will shoot. Mind you we are locked in our cells. Once on the floor they popped the doors, threw handcuffs on us jerked us up by our shirts made all of us line up on the wall on our knees, touching our foreheads to the wall. I am by no means soft, but many of the guys including myself were in a lot of pain supported by our knees only on the hard concrete floor for about 45 minutes. If we looked left or right, or if our foreheads left the wall, we were made to lean forward hurting worse. We all lined up had shotguns pointed at us receiving threats and screams “if you move we will shoot”. They pulled us up 1 at a time put us in a dirty shower, where we stripped bare feet on that nasty shower floor. Then threw us back in line after the private search. While we were being searched they threw everything out of our rooms, I’m on the 2nd floor so they threw some of my most important federal paper work off the balcony, there was a massive pile of everyone’s belongings. They threw away legal paper work, tooth brushes, soap and much more. These things were thrown away. I can never get my federal evidence back. After everyone was dehumanized they put us back into completely empty cells at 10 till 3 pm. We sit with nothing at all till 9 pm that night. At 3:30 am they allowed us to get the personal things that they decided wasn’t trash back. We were let off of lock down Saturday morning. I heard during their “Raid” they shot at least 3 people with bean bag rounds, strapped some into chairs putting masks on their faces and dragging people out in the hall. I have been to prisons (2) and many jails. Never have I seen so many people dehumanized for no reason. They went from pod to pod doing this same thing. There’s more detail but I don’t have time to write that much. The raid happened April 18, 2014. If you need more information feel free to write.

Also I want to thank you for the books. If you hadn’t read the Autobiography of Assata Shakur it’s definitely a must read. I don’t really agree with her stance on racism, seeing that I have a 8 year old biracial little girl and respect her mother who is white and a great woman. But Assata’s revolutionary mind was worth the read. Thank you.

Also I’m closing in on my trial date, I have tried to fire the lawyer they gave me twice which they denied me. Do you know any pro bono federal lawyers. My family is working hard to get the last 25k of the 75k lawyer that I need/want. The court is trying to really railroad me. If you saw how my lawyer has denied me a fair chance you would truly be surprised :-( Civil Rights ….. I’m not sure if I believe they exist without money. Gotta go. Any other autobiographies or good books feel free to send. Thank you.

Jamaa Johnson

(Sorry so sloppy, in a rush)

Letter From Ray Legg (4/28/2014)

April 28, 2014

Hey Jonathan,

How are you doing? I hope you’re enjoying yourself :) Last we spoke you informed me of your upcoming adventures, those of which I’m sure you’re enjoying now. Wish I could be out there helping with you guys.

Myself, I’m not too bad. I’ve definitely been better, but I guess I could be worse.These unforgiving walls are depressing, haunting sometimes. There’s a lot on my mind, and I have a lot to tell you about. Continue reading Letter From Ray Legg (4/28/2014)