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Letter From Jamaa James Johnson (3/23/14)

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March 23, 2014


I just realized that I hadn’t completed the major objective in the letter I wrote you the other day. I wish I had a complete journal of the water situation but I will just give you a round about compilation of the events.

January 9th 2014 – We (C-4) pod consisting of around 30 inmates were locked down already that day (“lock down” meaning, locked in a cell, most with a cell mate). We were locked down around 1:30 pm for a violation that one inmate had violated. Around 4 o’clock that afternoon while already locked down we were informed that there had been a chemical leak and we were no longer allowed to drink water, take a shower or flush the toilets, our water in the cells were turned off without any indication before or forewarning.  Continue reading Letter From Jamaa James Johnson (3/23/14)

Letter From Jason Clendenin (3/14/14)

Jason Clendenin 3/14
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March 14, 2014

Dear Kim,

They shut the water off with no explanation for the first three days and then they turned it back on and told us not to drink or bathe in it. While this was going on the jail only gave people two 8 oz. jugs of water per day for the first week and then four 8 oz. jugs and three 6 oz. cups of water after that for two days.  Continue reading Letter From Jason Clendenin (3/14/14)