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Inmate Petition #2 by Eric D. Ayers (4/23/14)

This petition was written and distributed within the jail by Eric D. Ayers, and was mailed to Stories from South Central volunteers (along with an earlier inmate petition) to be sent along to state and federal government agencies. 

Download a PDF of this petition
Download a PDF of this petition

C/O’s are mistreating the inmates as follows:

A) Excessive force & malnutrition

  1. Beating up/assaulting inmates after handcuffed & subdued
  2. Facility serves tiny food portions

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Letter From Eric D. Ayers

To whom it may concern:

My name is Eric D. Ayers and I have been incarcerated at South Central Regional Jail since February 8, 2014. Since then, we (the inmates) have been forced to drink MCHM contaminated water, survive staff’s excessive force & constant neglect, and deal with constant hunger due to insufficient food services. This facility is petty when it comes to their actions and there is only a select few c/o’s that has any integrity, that don’t come to work and take their family issues out on us. I/we urge you to investigate just how unsafe and unfair our living conditions really are.  Continue reading Letter From Eric D. Ayers