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Letter From Anonymous (4/2/14)

April 2, 2014

Please let me know if we can send you anonymous comments to be given to the newspaper. You can let them know that most of us are drinking as little water as possible and quite a few of us are sick from it and would greatly appreciate it if the jail were to flush the lines again – change the filters and provide us with bottled water. Why are the people in Charleston given free bottled water and we are not – I just thought about that. Just because we are convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that we rate different health standards than the general public. Yes i speak for all of us in here when i say that and would love to have these comments in the newspaper. People need to know by all sources of media how we are being treated. A great number of people out there have mothers fathers uncles sisters brothers and cousins here and are probably or probably would be equally outraged if they knew we were still given toxic water to drink, shower, cook food, wash, and clean with.

Letter From Brandon Carter (3/27/14)

Brandon Carter 3/27
Brandon Carter 3/27 page 2


Yo J,

Whats up man. I just got your letter, thanks for writing!

Lets see, on the water situation um when it all first happened I was in solitary and me and about 15 people in my pod never had a clue what was going on, because we had no tv and the CO didn’t say much of nothing to us, so I guess you could we were blind to the contaminated water. They had shut it off about I can’t recall 4:00ish pm maybe later. So we were in our cells with nothing to drink till 5:30-6:00 then we only had 1 8 oz cup of water till some time late that night when they brought us some distilled bottle of water 6 or 8 oz. The whole night we slept with piss and shit in the toilets because we could not flush our toilets till late the next day. Um for the first two days we only got water at our meals 1 cup 8 oz, then they started bringing it at different times 2 8 oz bottles at a time. Till we read the newspaper we really didn’t know what was happening.  Continue reading Letter From Brandon Carter (3/27/14)

Letter From Ray Legg (4/2/2014)


Hey guys,

Thanks again for coming up…. [T]he other guy in my pod I was telling you about is a little reluctant to help. He’s worried about what affects it could have on his case and the remainder of his stay here at the lovely South Central Regional Jail, Resort, + Spa :P

My apologies for not contacting you sooner. I haven’t had stationary or stamped envelopes. And for some reason they haven’t added your number to my call list even though I’ve turned in multiple requests. Are they on to it? The #, that is? …  Continue reading Letter From Ray Legg (4/2/2014)

Letter From Jamaa James Johnson (3/23/14)

Jamaa Johnson 3/23
Jamaa Johnson 3/23 page 2
Jamaa Johnson 3/23 page 3
Jamaa Johnson 3/23 Page 4
Jamaa Johnson 3/23 Page

March 23, 2014


I just realized that I hadn’t completed the major objective in the letter I wrote you the other day. I wish I had a complete journal of the water situation but I will just give you a round about compilation of the events.

January 9th 2014 – We (C-4) pod consisting of around 30 inmates were locked down already that day (“lock down” meaning, locked in a cell, most with a cell mate). We were locked down around 1:30 pm for a violation that one inmate had violated. Around 4 o’clock that afternoon while already locked down we were informed that there had been a chemical leak and we were no longer allowed to drink water, take a shower or flush the toilets, our water in the cells were turned off without any indication before or forewarning.  Continue reading Letter From Jamaa James Johnson (3/23/14)

Letter From Tyler B. Roy (3/20/14)

March 20, 2014


scanned image from part of this letterMy name is Tyler B. Roy. I met with you or possibly your associates. Please give this to the young ladies I met with. They wanted my story, so here it is.

When the whole water crisis happened, they weren’t giving us but two 8 oz. bottles of water a day. The State will say otherwise, but I assure you it’s all a lie. The first two days they shut off the water to everything, including toilets. They would only turn the water on once a day to flush the toilets. Over seventy-two hours had passed and then they brought gallon jugs of so-called “clean” water around for people to wash off with. They made you do so in your cell and sink. I believe the MCHM was still in the sinks. So it was NOT safe NOR sanitary.

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