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Press Release: West Virginia Prison Phone Call Rates Drop by 87%


For more information, contact Chris Gang, 681-214-0884, [email protected]

West Virginia Prison Phone Call Rates Drop by 87%
Prisoner Advocates Call for WV Regional Jails to Follow Suit

Charleston, West Virginia — Phone calls from West Virginia state prisons are dramatically cheaper starting this week, now costing just 48 cents for a 15-minute call, compared to the previous rate of $3.75 for the same call. According to the new phone service provider, this is the lowest rate for any state in the country — and it has just taken effect for all state-owned and -operated prisons.

“It would’ve been a hell of a lot better to have these cheap calls when I was inside,” said Eric D. Ayers, a formerly incarcerated volunteer with the prisoner support and organizing group Stories From South Central. “$3 a call is ridiculous, and they charged $5 just to put $20 on your account. You get depressed and have nobody to lean on, nobody to talk to. You miss your family and if you’ve got kids it makes it even harder.” Continue reading Press Release: West Virginia Prison Phone Call Rates Drop by 87%

Anonymous Letter (10/22/14)

Jonathan, Margaret, Kim

Hey! How are you? Im doing kinda ok despite the circumstances. I’ll tell you what I want to sue the shit out of the regional jails for letting my GI problems go for so long and for forcing so many pills on me when when I repeatedly requested to see a GI doctor because I wasn’t digesting food or pooping and the pills were making my liver hurt. I wanted to see an outside doc for that too.Now I’m shitting blood and I don’t know what is going on with my liver but it hurts. They are taking 3 stool samples to check for blood. 1# was positive, I still have #2 in a cup to give them yet but I can see the blood in it. I am sure #3 will have some to. I don’t know if they take you to a hospital if 3 show up positive or not, but why else would they check three times instead of one.

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