Anonymous Letter (10/22/14)

Jonathan, Margaret, Kim

Hey! How are you? Im doing kinda ok despite the circumstances. I’ll tell you what I want to sue the shit out of the regional jails for letting my GI problems go for so long and for forcing so many pills on me when when I repeatedly requested to see a GI doctor because I wasn’t digesting food or pooping and the pills were making my liver hurt. I wanted to see an outside doc for that too.Now I’m shitting blood and I don’t know what is going on with my liver but it hurts. They are taking 3 stool samples to check for blood. 1# was positive, I still have #2 in a cup to give them yet but I can see the blood in it. I am sure #3 will have some to. I don’t know if they take you to a hospital if 3 show up positive or not, but why else would they check three times instead of one.

Anyhow, the lawyer would have to be pro bono- maybe when you find a lawyer for the water you could talk to them about a class action suit against not only the water company, but the regional and the medical company Primecare that does not want to pay for anything, but the very basic medical care.

There are so many inmates the jail has let either die or become deathly ill. Their tactic when they realize it is more than basic is to first act like you have no problem, because a basic blood panel was negative. Than they blame it on anything other than a treatable illness if you come back “oh you just did too many drugs” or “oh you just don’t exercise” etc, and if you return to sick call again you are a chronic complainer and are faking. You should edit this and put it on your website…… minus my name

There are over a dozen people I talked to with serious real conditions- swollen testicles the size of tennis balls-etc- that have been labeled “chronic complainer” and “fakers”. They hope they can put you off until you are released or transferred. And if they think you might die they do to you like they did to me, house you in the medical “hole” and “monitor” you until you leave in order to relieve themselves of liability.

And, if you really need something like I really needed an enema that the “Dr” (PA) had ordered and hadn’t had a bowel movement in a week, they lied and said it wasn’t until I got on the phone in the hall and asked my mom to call the AG As soon as I was off the phone the nurse gave me the enema. Funny thing was very little came out even after a Fleetz enema. My stomach was still distended. My food had been collecting in my stomach and not digesting for at least the whole week. I told them and showed them my stomach but they said my intestines were just swollen because I have irritable bowel. Where did they get this diagnosis from? They did not do a colonoscopy and if they had— IBS is still very difficult to diagnose.

They weren’t trying to diagnose me with Celiac disease although I repeatedly told them I am allergic to wheat and dairy- because I did not have 35 yr old medical records to prove it. I ended having to eat 8 months of wheat gluten and dairy. That’s 720 meals of food that I am allergic to, it is a wonder that I did not die. It caused severe gastric, physical, emotional and psychological problems on top of that- a nurse reportedly answered reportedly assured another inmate that all of my illness and pain were all just “in my head.” I met one guy that had swollen- bloody- bloodshot eyes, swollen jaw and throat and had blisters in his mouth and throat. He was so raw in the throat he had to plug his ears with his fingers in order to swallow his food. He had an infected tooth but they would not pull it.

No they do not “Deny you medical care.” They just choose not to supply the necessary medical care when more than the allotted budget is required. I understand that this is not the fault (not always) of the medical staff. It is a result of the policies and limitations set by budget. I am sure they (the jail employees) just love to have to take the time to drive an inmate to a DR. or hospital. It is a hassle, I am a sure (although no excuse) because of security measures and paperwork and money. However this is no excuse for allowing inmates to remain in constant pain and suffering and some to become terminally ill because of waiting to long to get treated and some actually die.

I know I have been suffering with constant numerous pains for 10 months now 24/7. They saw how eaten up my tongue was and how distended my abdomen was. They told me I should see the shrink, although know damn well I was refusing all meds because they were causing me internal pain in my liver and GI. I told them I had a badly damaged vein that is attached to the liver and had a history of blood clotting and provided proof. They did no blood test to check the tightness of my clothing or otherwise given the nature of my pain they should have checked that as well as my liver functions (which by the way they actually checked my functions but because that was all that was required and liver enzymes and those were normal. My pain must not be real) What kind of drug addict would refuse a pill? I would love to take some kind- any kind of pills if they would make me have any kind of pills if they would make me any kind of relief, but the truth is my liver sells up like a football and hurts severely when I take a pill.

I am now having to drink 350-620 oz of water every 24 hours just to keep my blood flowing to my head and feet literally- and still have not a clot timing check or cholesterol or potassium- my blood is thick as motor oil and cannot be drawn unless I drink t least 300 oz of water a day for 3 consecutive days prior to labwork. Ya think I might need a blood thinner? One nurse even joke about exactly that at Potomac Highlands Regional Jail and said duh! What do you think I’ve been saying! (the blood was moving through the plastic tube like black syrup) and she said “oh no you don’t look it’s not even coagulating in the sample tube.” When has a blood sample ever dried up in the damn test tube?? There is no air in them to dry them up— they are vacuum sealed! And even after, I went to sick call twice specifically to get that checked, they lied and said there was no blood test!

I could go on for 30 pages about how much I was lie to and treated less than a wart on the state. Ignoring chronic medical conditions is a cruel and unusual punishment. Granted I severely abused my body and covered up with prescription methadone and prescription meds for nerve pain instead of changing my diet and lifestyle- however, jail is the time to get your act together, and your health.

Most of us, addicts use drugs because we are not healthy and are in real pain because of it. Why get worse in jail so that our chances of repeating our mistakes is even more likely especially after being treated so badly by medical staff for so long  who wants to go to a doctor on the outside after that. When we are taught that if we seek help for our illness that, it is in our hands, or we are faking or we are a chronic complainer if the initial and basic test results are negative? I think most of the time they know what is wrong with us but Primecare will simply not normally pay for it. Like this policy for diet trays- they want proof from a DR for food allergies, heart disease, and diabetes. Even then, you are damn lucky if you get a diet tray.

Most of us addicts don’t remember the last time we had an honest visit with a DR. let alone his or her name to give them to get records on us- but when we are allergic to a food and have been our whole life. We certainly know it! Anyhow, that is my gripe and hopefully this material can be used to help reform medical care in the jail system.

I believe the water and the food (with or without mchm) are making people sick because most people’s illnesses begin when they get there. Have a good day and God bless!

P.S- If their tests are all coming up negative then there is strong reason to believe the MCHM has caused new problems with my health and made worse the ones I already had. I would like to be tested somehow and to join any action for not having a choice but to ingest it, and although I had problems prior to jail- my symptoms keep evolving and changing and I believe that is a characteristic of MCHM poisoning