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Anonymous Letter (10/22/14)

Jonathan, Margaret, Kim

Hey! How are you? Im doing kinda ok despite the circumstances. I’ll tell you what I want to sue the shit out of the regional jails for letting my GI problems go for so long and for forcing so many pills on me when when I repeatedly requested to see a GI doctor because I wasn’t digesting food or pooping and the pills were making my liver hurt. I wanted to see an outside doc for that too.Now I’m shitting blood and I don’t know what is going on with my liver but it hurts. They are taking 3 stool samples to check for blood. 1# was positive, I still have #2 in a cup to give them yet but I can see the blood in it. I am sure #3 will have some to. I don’t know if they take you to a hospital if 3 show up positive or not, but why else would they check three times instead of one.

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