Letter from Kerry Harvey (7/6/2014)

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July 6, 14

Kimmy :)

Thank you for the article. Babygirl of course SCRJ’s going to keep what they did “hush” just like Big Brother taught ‘em to. The old saying “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer” is so very true. The water scandal paid the politicians we yes “WE” voted into office to help make this go away as quickly as possible. If I weren’t STILL itching, pulling my skin from my body to where I bleed and it leaves me scarred I would’ve forgotten about the water crisis as well by now. We as a society of people are on autopilot. No one wants to stand for anything and when something bad happens, they notices it but choose to “HUSH.” If no one else says a word then neither will I type shit. Like clean water and air is a fad. I recently read “Dark Princess” by W.E.B. DuBois and it’s made my eyes open even more to the water crisis and how politics played into the situation. Freedom ran filing bankruptcy. Now I’ve driven down Barlow Rd over 20 years and have never seen their employees outta work there. Didn’t look like they were having financial problems in the least. Employees all having nice big Ford and Chevy trucks. No way you can tell me those employees walked that place everyday and not notice the leak lol how dumb are we as citizens? The mayor should’ve been even kicked out of office in my opinion for even allowing such shit to happen to us w/o putting up a fuss, instead he took their side. No offense people but if it walks like a damn duck and quack like a damn duck “IT A WHAT!!! F…ing Duck.” HE GOT PAID OFF IN SOME FORM.
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Letters from Kerry Harvey (4/30 + 6/3/14)

April 30, 2014

To Kim + Matthew + All the gang :)

Let me start by apologizing for the late reply. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and Mary’s and I books you sent. Kim, great call on the Zora Hurston :) Read it in one day. Sucks we have to donate our books to the jail though :(

So what’ve you guys + gals been up to out there? Just to let you all know Mary Horton’s my cellie and the water here’s still effecting us. We’ve gone down to medical having to have paid for our visit + script only to still break out in itchy scratchy bumps. I’ve literally scratched my flesh apart over a large percent of my body + I’m a big girl mind you lol. Medical says (Nurse Lynn) that it’s not the first cases she’s seen in medical since the water crisis and that it’s mainly in the African American inmates that this is largely being reported. They prescribed us some steroid cream for it, 5 day supply or so and it really relieved nothing for we still itch and unfortunately nothing’s going to remedy this, not in here at least. By any chance do you know of anything else better to use for all this crazy itching? The state isn’t going to supply us with a care if especially the CDC’s saying the waters are safe now. My skin says otherwise still. Continue reading